08 June 2011

Tutorial: Newspaper Pom Pom Recipe

Lovely, right?  Right.

Want to make a recycled newspaper pom pom of your own?

Here's how!

1.  Cut 8 full size newspaper sheets in half along the crease.

2. Cut the half sheets in half again along the fold line so that you have 2 almost square pieces per sheet.

3.  You should have a stack of 32 squarish pieces of newsprint.

4-5. Fold 1.5 inch sections accordion style until you have a small bundle.

6. Tie the bundle so that it stays together, not too tight, not too loose...just right.  leave at least one strand long enough to grab after it is fluffed for hanging.

7-8. Trim the edges into a pleasing shape.  For this one I did pointy edges, but you could to scallops, double scallops, whatever you like.  The paper is pretty think so use sharp scissors and do it in sections if you have to.

9. Begin to loosen the pages, they are pretty tight so be patient, fluff, repeat.  In the end it will be about the size of a large cantaloupe.

This is what you get!  A lovely way to use that old newspaper laying around!

Recycled Newspaper Pom Pom!

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This would be awesome as a gift topper!  Kinda reminds me of my dad.  At our house growing up you knew a gift was from Daddy because he ONLY/ALWAYS/EXCLUSIVELY wraps gifts in newspaper!

This would be awesome as a garland!  I hung this one in our dining room, I'm thinking I'll make a garland to go with it!

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