11 June 2011


Look at what I stumbled upon in the park this morning!!!!! I may or may not have participated...
Yarnbombing for beginners -- The POM POM BOMB! International Yarn Bombing Day 2011, Fredericksburg, VA.

Folks have been sitting here on and off all morning!!!

LOVE:  Pom Pom Flowers!

Some of our guests!  

The tag attached to the installation.

Please e-mail if you saw, walked by, sat on, napped on, or took a sun bath on the Pom Bench!  Think it's great? awful? weird?  fun? AWESOME??  Let us know!  I can't wait to see and share your photos!  


  1. That's awesome great job! XD

  2. rah-Rah-rockin'! Love those pom poms baby. Way to go on International Yarn Bombing Day!

  3. Thanks everyone! It was such fun, and a huge hit! Lots of pictures to share from folk who saw it!


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