18 June 2011

Pom Pom Love Necklace Style

Just another way to LOVE Pom Poms!  Around your neck!

I love how simple this one is...
Image: louloudo
 ...how pouffy this one is...
Image: Bleubird vintage
 ...how sweet this one is...
Image: stel's
 ...how this one combines my love of pom poms and fabric flowers, which are a lot like pom poms!...
Image: Handmade Parade
 ...how this one uses turquoise and pattern...
Image: mwalliser via flickr
 ...how this one is simple and full of texture...
Image: Tuxedo Cat via flickr
 ...how this one would look simply adorable on my puppy!  Even puppies love Pom Poms!
Image: DazzlingDogz

Have a pom pom necklace you want to share?   
Drop me a line so I can feature YOU here!

12 June 2011

Photos From Fans!

Thanks for all of the great comments!  I'm so happy sooooooo many people liked the project!  Here are a few of the pictures I received from folks who experienced the POM POM BOMB!

Taking time to smell the um...Pom Flowers!
Starting to get saggy from all the action it got today!

Check out this little cutie pie--and I thought the Pom Bench was cute!