18 June 2011

Pom Pom Love Necklace Style

Just another way to LOVE Pom Poms!  Around your neck!

I love how simple this one is...
Image: louloudo
 ...how pouffy this one is...
Image: Bleubird vintage
 ...how sweet this one is...
Image: stel's
 ...how this one combines my love of pom poms and fabric flowers, which are a lot like pom poms!...
Image: Handmade Parade
 ...how this one uses turquoise and pattern...
Image: mwalliser via flickr
 ...how this one is simple and full of texture...
Image: Tuxedo Cat via flickr
 ...how this one would look simply adorable on my puppy!  Even puppies love Pom Poms!
Image: DazzlingDogz

Have a pom pom necklace you want to share?   
Drop me a line so I can feature YOU here!

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